Bike riders: Fleshy impediments to snarled traffic, or existential threat to civilization? Find out by tuning in every night this week to CBS2 for their segment "Bike Bedlam," about "the bicycle bullies and the bike lane backlash, and why the city keeps giving bikers MORE freedom!" Also, are bike riders giving you brain cancer? Tune in at 11! Here's a taste of what awaits. "Anarchy in the streets!":

But on the Upper East Side the NYPD isn't accepting anarchy, and the Post reports that cops issued 360 summonses to cyclists from July 8th to August 8th, or about 11 a day. (During the previous 30-day period, cops issued 240 summonses, or about eight a day.) The summonses range from riding on the sidewalk to disobeying traffic signals. "The elderly pedestrians feel like they are taking their lives in their hands, even when they have a green light," an unidentified police official tells the tabloid. But not everyone is against the anarchists. One East Village sympathizer says, "I feel bad for these delivery guys. Would you want to ride in the street with these crazy cabs?"