The real New York Post (not the far superior, global warming hoax edition) is reporting that the NYPD has cracked down on illegal bike rental vendors. Apparently, you need to be licensed to rent out bicycles, but some illicit pedal pushers have been running their businesses from the sidewalks around Central Park.

And that has merchants aghast, because the rogue renters chain their bicycle fleets to scaffolding and street furniture. Monica Blum, president of the Lincoln Square BID, says, "The clutter on the sidewalks has been terrible, and these illegal vendors are giving out bikes without helmets, letting people ride on the sidewalks."

During the past six weeks, police have given summonses to 25 people for illegal storage of bikes and seized 73 bicycles allegedly rented to unsuspecting tourists for as much as $20 an hour. According to the Post, illegal vendor Joel Johnson was "whining" when he told a reporter, "In two months, I have had six bikes confiscated, and I've been arrested twice. There are real criminals out here like drug dealers, but the police come here instead."