Two NYPD officers accused of macing, pistol-whipping and baton-beating a Bronx man during a road rage incident in 2008 were convicted of official misconduct yesterday. But the jury remains deadlocked on more serious charges of gang assault. The judge instructed the jury to continue deliberations to settle on a verdict for Michelle Anglin, 40, and Kollen Robinson, 27, who allegedly beat spoken word poet Marlon Smith so severely that he had to get 25 staples to hold together the three gashes in his skull. His lawyer says he still suffers from migraines and blurred vision! And it all started because Smith's car door was ajar and blocking the off-duty cops' way.

A witness who tried to break up the brawl reportedly heard the women yell, "Do you know who you are f------ with? We are the police!" Apparently, Smith didn’t get the message fast enough, and tried to grab one of the cops, who retaliated with baton cracks to the skull and a pistol-whip to the face. (Anglin testified that Smith "grabbed me, threw me to the ground and straddled me" and ripped her shirt open.) The rumble wasn’t broken up until some uniformed officers arrived and arrested Anglin and Robinson; they were suspended, stripped of their guns and later arraigned on gang assault charges.

The cops face up to a year in jail on the official misconduct rap, but the Wall Street Journal reports the judge "also has the discretion to impose alternative sentences including house arrest or probation." That charge stems from the officers covering up the incident. They still face up to seven years in prison for the gang assault charge, and when yesterday's verdict was read, Anglin reportedly whispered, "Wow."