After a woman fell into the Harlem River early Sunday morning, police are continuing their search. The search was suspended yesterday because of strong tides, and now it's feared the young woman has drowned.

Apparently over 200 people gathered in a park near the Harlem River at 147th Street for a party. When the woman fell off a pier, one witness said, "We all looked. We tried to throw her stuff in the water to keep her afloat, but the more stuff we were throwing at her, she kept just going further and further away. So three of my friends jumped in there to try to get her, but there was so much chaos in the water, we couldn't see where she floated to."

Another witness told WCBS 2, "Police cars, helicopters, boats, a lot of people crying, you know what I'm saying? Guys getting out of the water. These are like 18, 20-year-olds, like college young kids. They're out there barbecuing," said witness Tony Brown. "They never had any trouble, nothing. They're just doing their little partying. They do that every other week."

There aren't many details about the woman; the party's host told the Daily News, "No one knew who she was. I don't know who she was here with. She probably had some drinks and fell... She really didn't look like she could swim. I feel so sorry."