2008_09_hanupp.jpgYesterday, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said that 23-year-old missing teacher Hannah Upp, last seen on August 29, was spotted at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store. According to the Daily News, Kelly said, "We know that because a classmate saw her and approached her in the store," and then police checked tapes.

One source tells the Post that apparently Upp was "petrified of going back" to Thurgood Marshall Academy, the Harlem school where she taught, and "wigged out and went AWOL...We think family members might know where she is and they're just trying to talk her off whatever ledge she's on."

The police also suspect Upp may be bipolar and stopped taking her medication, though her family denies it. The additional realization that Upp is also part of the freegans--those who scavenge through garbage at stores and restaurants for food (she was even photographed in a July Daily News story)--led a News source to say, "We want to find her and see if she is all right. She, right now, is off the grid. If she did join the ranks of this new kind of hobo, we need to know."

Upp's family is hopeful and simply wants her to return home. The United Federation of Teachers is still offering a $10,000 reward.