The super of a Prospect-Lefferts Garden building called the cops when he spotted some plants on the rooftop that looked like marijuana. Well, at least they looked like the photos of cannabis plants that he saw on the Internet. But the green growing things were actually... tomato plants.

The Daily News reports that super Christian Delarosa had been checking the roof for leaks (there was that deluge yesterday) and spotted some Solo cups with plants, “I don’t know much about plants. I’m not too good with that. When I saw them, the first thing I thought was ‘Oh, my God.’ Right there I looked it up on my phone and they looked close to marijuana plants, but I thought I should call someone who knew about plants, so I called police."

The first cop that responded wasn't able to tell whether the plants were marijuana or not either, Delarosa says. Ultimately, the case was closed. A University of California, Riverside botanist tells the News the two plants are "not the same species; they’re not the same genus. I don’t even think they’re part of the same family. It’s very hard for me to see that somebody could (confuse the two). If you put the leaves side by side, you wouldn’t be able to mistake them." Well, save that for Law & Order: Horticulture Unit, where chilled out detectives will also crack down on assholes selling oregano to naive college students.