Cops have arrested the man who allegedly bit cabbie Haroon Rashid's ear in Midtown earlier this month, weeks after the New York Taxi Workers Alliance complained that the police didn't care about cabbies.

Francisco Solano was arrested last night and charged him with misdemeanor assault. On the night of the attack, Rashid called the cops, who let the biter walk away and told Rashid that he would be arrested if he filed a complaint. DNAinfo reports that Solano has five arrests dating back to 1997, including drug possession and two for misdemeanor assault.

"I feel satisfaction that at least there was some justice," Rashid posted on the TWA website. He should not think that he can do this to taxi drivers and just walk away. When we come to work, we are thinking how to earn our living and pay the lease, we should not have to suffer with this kind of violence too." The TWA is calling for Albany to pass the Taxi Driver Protection Act, increasing the penalties on crimes against drivers and requiring a sticker warning against crimes against drivers, similar to the signs in subways and buses. Sounds a lot better than Fernando Mateo's tactics!