2007_04_imussm.jpgThe ripple effects from the Don Imus-Rutgers' women's basketball team remarks incident continue. Four female police officers, three black and one Hispanic, claim that supervisors used the terms "ho" and "nappy-headed ho's" in two separate incidents.

The Post reports Detective Aretha Williams, a 15-year veteran cop, claims Sergeant Michael Cantatore said to her, "Don't give me no lip before I call you a nappy-headed ho" while she looked for the sign-out book in her Queens precinct. And the Sun says three female police officers at Brooklyn's 70th precinct (Kensington) are suing two supervisors: Sergeant Carlos Mateo allegedly said, "Stand-up, ho's," which was followed by police officer Ralph Montenez saying, "They're just not ho's, they're nappy-headed ho's."

Oy. While police precincts are magnets for tough attitudes and tough language, you wonder what lines can and can't be crossed, especially in a city agency. Investigation are being conducted into both incidents, but Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said, "This language is unacceptable under any circumstances and even more egregious when it comes from individuals in positions of authority." And a source tells the Post of Mateo, who has been stripped of supervisory duties, "He wasn't a mean-spirited guy. He was just a little dopey." Just a little?