Early yesterday morning the Man came to Brandon Moore's basement apartment in Crown Heights to serve a robbery warrant. Roused from sleep, Moore was undressed when the police appeared at his residence, and covered himself with a sheet. But suddenly he decided to make a break for it, and bolted from the apartment. The sheet fell, Moore kept running, and according to the Daily News one of the cops chasing him fell through a metal sidewalk grate, landing in a basement ten feet below. The reactions from bystanders are priceless.

"He falls through—one minute there, one minute gone," witness Venton Johnson tells the News. "It was like a magic trick!" Another bystander, Ataliah Pons, says, "I saw the cop right when he fall through the hole. It was funny!" A third observer, Mel Brooks remarked, "Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you walk into an open sewer and die." In this case, the unidentified officer suffered a cut to his right arm and other bumps and bruises. Moore ran four blocks in the raw then burst into a friend's apartment to try and hide.

"I woke up 'cause I heard people come into my apartment," Terrance Jones tells the News. "I see six officers go into the basement and hear a boy screaming down there, They dragged him up from the basement naked. His feet were bleeding and face was looking swollen." So that part's not so comical. And Moore's dad also fails to conform to the Benny Hill spirit of this story. "I had tears in my eyes in when I heard—I can't believe it," he says. "It's my child. And they tried to embarrass him by not letting him put clothes on in his own neighborhood." That said, we really wish there was video of this thing.