The 17-year-old daredevil photographer who climbed to the top of 432 Park, soon to be the tallest residential tower in the country, has been charged with criminal trespassing and reckless endangerment.

NBC New York reports that he tech-savvy NYPD tracked the teen down through his Instagram account, where he'd posted photos of various illicit exploits, including images from his mission to the top of the nearly 1,400-foot-tall tower. The most recent in the collection of vertiginous views was posted just two days ago, and other photos appear to have been snapped from the top of various city landmarks, including the Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges.

Despite the undeniable riskiness of scaling the city's tallest buildings, the teen, known on Instagram as Demidism, has amassed a legion of appreciative followers. "Your art is beautiful," wrote one. "I hope you are released & the charges dropped."