In case you had forgotten that NYPD Officer Peter Figoski gave his life fighting crime in Brooklyn, the NYPD today slips a story to the Post about the police partially stopping a similar drug dealer robbery in which the alleged crooks were reportedly ready to kill cops if necessary. "It’s similar to the Figoski case," a source tells the tabloid.

Early yesterday morning two officers from the 83rd Precinct pulled over a suspicious old, red Honda with Connecticut plates that had run a red light. Inside they found three men with "several ski masks" in the back seat. "All three were wearing surgical gloves—and none appeared to be a doctor." Also in the car? A .44-caliber Magnum pistol, a .357-Magnum and a .40-caliber automatic pistol. Nice to know that criminals have learned to wear gloves to mask their prints?

When the trio were taken in for questioning the tabloid's source says that the crooks ratted out six other robbers in two other cars the police had not stopped. Apparently the nine men had been planning to rob a heroin dealer in East New York in the hopes of netting $10,000 in cash and drugs. Worse, they reportedly "brought the guns because if someone heard them or found out and called 911, the cops would come and they would be prepared to shoot their way out."

Charges against the three men—Luis Padro-Rosario, 25, Nathaniel Cintron, 28, and Ken Garia, 22—are pending. Meanwhile, the police apaprently missed the group's suspected ringleader's car. According to the snitch he has in recent months "pulled off about a dozen robberies of drug dealers in Bushwick, Brownsville and East New York." When officer Peter Figoski was shot he and his partner were responding to a robbery attempt in a home that it turned out belonged to a pot dealer.