Four NYC men were arrested after being caught on a multi-state video game stealing binge in several East Coast Toys "R" Us stores. It's nice to know some criminals still respect this city enough to pursue their crime spree dreams elsewhere.

Rodney McCreary, Gilberto Matos, Derrella Winfrey, of Brooklyn, and Wilfredo Matos, of Staten Island, were spotted in a Toys "R" Us in Annapolis, Maryland on Aug. 22. An off-duty police officer saw them leaving the store with "video games stuffed down their pant legs and waistlines." The off-duty cop followed them, but, since he was with his sons, called county police to stop them.

County cops didn't just find a couple games though; they found 219 of them, stuffed in duffel bags and backpacks in the trunk. They also found road maps and a long list of Toys "R" Us stores along the entire East Coast (but not NY). Just remember: these are the criminals Gotham deserves, but not the ones it needs right now. You can find more information about the dastardly machinations of the crime syndicate from Earth-Three here.