A Staten Island burglar with a lengthy rap sheet was arrested by the NYPD yesterday on charges that he crept into a sleeping woman's bedroom and groped her as she slept early Thursday morning. Jeffrey Joseph, 35, allegedly entered through the front door of the West Village building, located near Hudson Street and West 10th Street, shortly after 5 a.m. Police say he then proceeded to the rear of the building and scaled the fire escape, entering a second floor apartment through an unlocked window.

IT project manager Linda Cohn, 43, was sound asleep when Joseph allegedly entered her bedroom and groped her buttocks. "It's horrifying; frightenting," Cohn told CBS 2. "He touched me inappropriately. I was asleep. I woke up because he touched me.”

Investigators say Joseph then fled the apartment, but police arrested him yesterday, charging him with burglary and sex abuse. According to the Staten Island Advance, Joseph has been arrested over three dozen times, and was previously incarcerated for robbery, drug dealing, and possession of stolen property. His most recent arrest came in December 2014, when he was charged with petit larceny for stealing packages off front stoops in Staten Island. He pleaded guilty and served a nine month sentence.