Police say they have identified the man who allegedly impersonated a cop and told a straphanger she had to perform a sex act on him if she didn't want to get a summons. A surveillance video from August 30th shows him entering the Parkchester stop on the 6 before the alleged incident.

According to the NYPD, 39-year-old Felipe Carmona approached his 18-year-old victim after she entered the subway at Westchester Avenue and Grant Circle in Parkchester on August 30th. Carmona allegedly told the woman he was a police officer and she had illegally entered the subway system.

Carmona then allegedly told her that he would issue her a summons unless she performed a sexual act on him. The victim declined and fled the scene. He was arrested on Wednesday and charged with criminal impersonation and criminal solicitation.

On July 26th, two men attempted to rob a woman in Fort George by impersonating police officers. They have not been caught and an investigation is ongoing.

On September 25th, police arrested three men for allegedly impersonating officers in order to pull over motorists and rob them. One of the men was also caught making prank calls and sending death threats over the NYPD's radio frequency. The robberies and alleged solicitation do not appear to be related.