Don't bother thanking that sweaty beat cop with a refreshing frozen lemonade—NYPD officers aren't allowed to accept gifts. But if you feel like buying NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly a few rides in a private jet, he'll grab his neck pillow faster than you can say "graft."

The Wall Street Journal reports that Kelly reported to the COIB that he accepted three trips to his Florida beach house on Mayor Bloomberg's private jet last year. Though the exact value of the flights is "undetermined," the paper uses an FAA estimate that notes the "one-way" flights cost at least $6,016 per trip.

Here's what Section 203-16 of the Patrol Guide states:

It is the policy of the Department that members of the service may not accept any reward, gratuity, gift or other compensation for any service performed as a result of or in conjunction with their duties as public servants. ….Members of the service also shall not solicit any gift, gratuity, loan, present, fee or reward for personal gain.

That seems clear enough, but then again, so does the impropriety of accepting thousands of dollars worth of dues payments, meals, and drinks at the Harvard Club, and Commissioner Kelly wasn't censured for those either. Granted, Kelly is a civilian appointee, but one who apparently believes he's above the rules he sets for his subordinates.

Kelly's eight other trips on Bloomberg's jet, which occurred from 2009 to 2011, have previously been reported. As have trips taken on the plane by other public officials like Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

But don't worry: there's "more oversight of this department than any other department in America."