Busta Rhymes, also known as Trevor Smith, is in trouble with the law again. Since Rhymes refused to cooperate with the police regarding the shooting death of his bodyguard on the set of his music video for the song "Touch It {Remix}" earlier in the year the NYPD has been looking for an excuse to bring him in for questioning. They found that reason last week when a concert-goer was allegedly assaulted after spitting on Rhyme's car. Cops arrested Rhymes last night around 8 P.M. and questioned him for over three hours.

Explaining why Busta was busted one police source told the Daily News "I don't know if this is normally something he would even be arrested for, but his bouncer was killed and he didn't want to cooperate. This is our way of dealing with it."

Though there is no mention of it in the online edition, the print edition of the Daily News and the Post mention source as saying that Rhymes had "a machete 10 inches long and encased in a black-plastic scabbard" in his car. Hmmm.

Many, including the family of Rhymes' slain-bodyguard Israel Ramirez and Police Commissioner Kelly, have been vocally angry with Rhymes for refusing to cooperate with the police as it is believed he witnessed the shooting.