More details have emerged on the two children found dead in a Bronx apartment last night: Investigators have identified their mother, who was found at the scene with minor lacerations on her wrists. Her name is Lisette Bamenga, and a tipster tells us she is a teacher at PS 58. According to the Wall Street Journal, Bamenga "gave her two young children a fatal drink containing chemical de-icer before slitting her wrists and turning on the gas on her stove."

Bamenga's suicide attempt was unsuccessful, despite her alleged efforts to tape over the windows of the home before turning on the burners on her gas stove. Police sources also tell the Journal that they found a suicide note in the apartment in which Bamenga allegedly said she wanted to take the children "to a better place." Her son, Kenny, was four, and her daughter was four months old.

The father of the two children, Noel Trevor, is an NYPD officer. According to the Daily News, the family moved into the apartment just two months ago and an unidentified source says they were arguing several days ago. Trevor returned home from his night shift in the 28th Precinct in uptown Manhattan to find his children dead and his wife in the hospital.

A neighbor who lives underneath Bamenga tells the News, "They are usually very quiet. I heard loud banging. Three loud bangs, like someone was dropping something heavy on the ground. It was quiet. I didn’t hear anything after that." No charges have been filed.