Cops have broken up a family-run drug ring on Staten Island, which was responsible for supplying a substantial amount of heroin to the area.

The ring was run by two stepbrothers who employed their mother and respective girlfriends to help distribute the drugs, according to Staten Island's acting district attorney. In total, 14 people were indicted in connection to the operation, and 12 were arrested.

“This 77-count indictment details how eight individuals conspired to distribute and sell heroin to a part of the Staten Island community that has been decimated by drug abuse and made money feeding those deadly addictions,” acting district attorney Daniel L. Master, Jr. said in a statement. “The remaining six individuals are charged on five separate indictments also accusing them of dealing narcotics that fueled the drug epidemic which has impacted so many of our residents. The more drug dealers we take off the streets of Staten Island, the safer those streets become."

The stepbrothers, identified as Justin Bonilla and Robert Alvarado, shared their profits with their mother, Aixa Bonilla.

The operation began in March 2014 after cops traced texts sent from the cell phone of 21-year-old Jonathan Crupi, who died of a heroin overdose.