A Brooklyn teen was found fatally shot in the head yesterday morning in what police believe was a game of Russian roulette gone wrong—but his family thinks that someone else shot him. James Morris, 18, was found dead in the bedroom of his Brownsville apartment around 3:15 a.m. Friday. Three friends who were in the room with Morris said he was showing off his gun and bragging about his mastery of the game when he accidentally killed himself. But his family is adamant that there was a fight that led to his death. And one police source told the News that it was a possibility they were looking into: “It could be a very elaborate plan to cover something up."

Morris’ best friend, Patrick Roberts, told cops that he was in the room at the time of the shooting; he said Morris pointed the gun at his friends and twice pulled the trigger. He then allegedly opened up the gun, spinning the cylinder to make sure there was no bullet in the chamber, pointed it at his left temple and fatally shot himself. The three friends left the apartment quickly, and Roberts called 911 soon after. Police have not recovered the gun though, and it's unclear whether the friends took it or not.

But the family thinks there's something fishy about the story: “That’s a lie; they were tussling,” his sister, Jamie Morris, told the Post. She said her father, James McDuffie, heard fighting from the next room over: “They were fighting, and one of them shot my brother.” Cops found skin fragments beneath the teen’s fingernails, indicating a possible fight before the shooting, McDuffie told the News: “He scratched one of them,” McDuffie said.

Another odd detail: despite the fact he was shot in the left side of his head, Morris was right-handed. His brother said it all pointed toward his friends: “He was just a good kid,” said Marlon Smalls. “He really never got into any trouble. But some of the guys he hung out with around here, they have guns, stuff like that. But everyone liked him around there.”