Besides not firing your gun into the air to somehow welcome the New Year, the NYPD has some advice for you, if you're going to Times Square tonight: Don't bring backpacks, packages, large bags or any alcohol. Also, pocketbooks will be inspected.

The NYPD started to close street at 3 p.m., and won't be reopening them until 3 a.m. tomorrow. Here are the closed streets: 41st Street between 8th & 6th Avenues; 58th Street between 8th & 6th Avenues; 8th Avenue between 41st & 58th Streets; 6th Avenue between 41st & 58th Streets (All inclusive); and Seventh Avenue and Broadway between 41st Street and 59th Streets, inclusive of all cross streets. Also, "All closures are at discretion of NYPD."

Everyone, please have a happy and safe New Year's!