Cops Attack Bikes in Williamsburg

Let's say you plan to use your bike to avoid the subways tomorrow, in light of the terrorist warning the city announced today. You might want to avoid locking it anywhere near Williamsburg (particularly outside the subway on North 7th)-- that is, if you want to be able to ride it home. Will has the gory details of police going chainsaw on a whole bunch of bikes. He also looked up the law:

In fact, according to New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law Article 24, Section 1115, it is completely legal to lock a bicycle to a signpost, lamppost, bus stop pole, parking meter or any other public street fixture as long as it does not alter or interfere with the operation of public traffic signals and signs. Because of potential harm, locking to a tree is illegal.

Come on, Bloomberg administration-- wouldn't those police officers be better used keeping our subways and buses safe?