Cops have arrested the “person of interest” suspected in a heist that left the 71-year-old owner of an upper Manhattan jewelry store dead. On Wednesday police found 37 pieces of jewelry in Edmond Alma’s apartment including 14 rings, seven necklaces and some bracelets, earrings and charms. They also found a bullet-resistant vest and 9 mm bullets—the very same type used to shoot the shop's proprietor. Against all that evidence Alma’s lawyer said "My client is not the shooter, he was not in that jewelry store."

But prosecutors insist that the $1 million-worth of jewelry found in Alma’s apartment was taken from the scene of the crime—the Madison Avenue store R.S. Durant. To prove it, they’ll test the shell casings found at the store to see whether they match the bullets found in the suspect’s apartment and examine his clothing for gun shot residue, reports the Daily News. The defense argued that they’ve got the wrong man since Alma is small-time—he has just two misdemeanors on his record—while the real criminal “is a killer—or a big player in theft rings." If convicted he'll get up to 25 years.