Last week, a 28-year-old immigrant, Lamin Sillah, working at a gas station in the Bronx was fatally shot by a man looking to rob the store. Today, the police announced they arrested 21-year-old Freddie McGrier, of Manhattan, for murder, robbery and criminal possession of a weapon charges.

Sillah was counting money in the office at RC Petroleum in East Tremont avenue when a man entered the office and struggled with him. Police Commissioner Kelly said the suspect "shoots him, he falls down, he shoots him again. He goes through his pockets and drags the body out of the office." The shooter and his accomplice, who were both on bikes, took $200.

McGrier has " five prior arrests for robbery and assault." Sillah had been an accountant in Gambia and was studying for a degree here in New York. His roommate explained, "We feel proud to get a U.S. degree. When you go back, people respect you. That’s why everybody is happy to come here."