This morning, police arrested a suspect for the triple homicide which took place near Columbia University earlier this month. Suspect Roberto Nunez, 30, was arrested around 8 a.m. today as he was walking into his brother's Bronx home near Yankee Stadium. Cops say they have recovered the gun used in the killings and DNA linking the suspect to the crime—the DNA came from a shirt discarded by the suspect near the scene of the crime. "Detectives assigned to this case did a masterful job, relentlessly working it to apprehend a suspect who initially appeared so calm, collected, and out of reach," Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said in a statement.

Nunez, a convicted felon who has served time for robbery and other crimes, was staying in various homes since the shooting, according to the Post. They say he was tracked down after an acquaintance sold Nunez's .38-caliber revolver to an undercover officer who had it tested and discovered it matched the shell casings found in the victims.

On June 7, Manhattan residents Luis Catalan, 25, Heriberto Suazo, 26, and Amaury Rodriquez, 30 were found shot dead in a 2012 BMW 750LI parked on West 122nd Street and Claremont Avenue. A passer-by noticed the men and at first thought they were sleeping—but then saw the blood. The two men sitting in the front of the car were shot in the necks while the man in the backseat was shot in the temple; it's believed the shooter had been in the car, which was recently reported as stolen, at the time.

You can see surveillance video of the suspect above. The victims all had past arrests, related to drugs and/or gun possession, leading police to believe their killings are related to marijuana trafficking. A police source previously told the Post: "They’ve all been robbed by drug dealers, or on the other end, they’ve robbed drug dealers. They flip back and forth robbing each other. This time, it was the end for them."