A good, if gross story about the police nabbing a serial pervert yesterday. According to the AP, the police arrested Darrel Corian "on charges of persistent sexual abuse and forcible touching." At around 9:05 a.m., police officers Michelangelo Hidalgo and Amauris Santana, who were on plainclothes assignment (part of the Anti-Crime patrol), observed Corrian acting suspiciously on the southbound platform of the 42nd Street-Lexington station at Grand Central. They followed him onto a 5 train. "Police say officers caught him rubbing his exposed penis up against at 19-year-old woman's backside, and arrested him." What's more, he had been paroled just two weeks ago "after serving time for persistent sexual abuse and was supposed to stay off buses and subways." Last month, a suspected subway perv with a long rap sheet was arrested with the help of his victim's cellphone photo of him.