The NYPD is "looking into" a drunken brawl between firefighters outside a Bronx bar over the weekend, which reportedly started with one of New York's Bravest yelling the n-word at a black firefighter after the annual FDNY Medal Day Ceremony. No arrests were made on the scene, despite witness video showing one firefighter pushing a responding police officer.

The Daily News reports that the fracas—which, to be clear, mainly involved firefighter-on-firefighter fisticuffs, and not, as has often been the case in the past, NYPD vs. FDNY action—went down Wednesday at Billy’s Bar near Yankee Stadium. According to sources, the fight pitted the Bronx’s Rescue Company 3 against the Ladder Company 49 and Engine Company 68, after a black firefighter was called the racial slur.

A video (above) posted to Instagram shows the aftermath of the alleged brawl. The footage begins as a group of seemingly sloshed firefighters are confronted by NYPD officers, one of whom appears to be shoved by a firefighter. "They've been doing that all day—they just had a big fight right here," shouts the unidentified cameraman. "America, man. They wanna lock me and you up for one argument, but they can do whatever they want."

A source told the News that the incident happened during a celebration for firefighter Matthew Murphy of Rescue 3, who'd been awarded both the Vincent J. Kane Medal and the Brummer Medal earlier in the day. "They were drinking since 11 a.m.," the source said. "They show up at the bar after the medal ceremony and they got out of hand. The ladder and engine guys were fighting with the Rescue 3 guys."

Bouncers at the bar reportedly had to use mace on at least one firefighter (We've reached out to Billy's, and will update if we hear back).

"They should have arrested them, just because some got in their cars and drove away," the source added. "They could have been drunk driving."

In response to a request for comment, an NYPD spokesperson told Gothamist, "There are no formal complaints on file and the NYPD is currently looking into the incident. Furthermore, responding officers arrived on scene and dispersed the crowd. Officers did not report hearing any slurs or encountering anyone with injuries. There are no arrests."