A bank robber's long string of successes came to a dramatic close on Thursday when he crashed his green Taurus into a building near the Lincoln Tunnel while attempting to flee police.

Maverick Madore certainly has a history of living up to his name. According to the Post, the 20-year-old New Hampshire native has racked up at least 12 charges of criminal mischief and assault in his home state alone, and just last month managed to rob five banks.

But Madore's hot streak met its abrupt end yesterday. After a long day of knocking over at least five Manhattan banks, the alleged thug was headed toward the Lincoln Tunnel around 4 p.m. when, in a likely attempt to get around traffic, he made the misguided decision to drive onto the sidewalk on 31st Street and 9th Avenue. The car crashed into a barrier, at which point Madore leapt out and tried to run. He was eventually cornered by Port Authority police officer Joshua Maarleveld with the help of a nearby construction worker.

"We both give the guy commands -- get down, get down," Maarleveld told NBC. "He's not listening."

Madore was caught by Maarleveld and several NYPD and Amtrak police, who surrounded him at gunpoint. Police are still searching for the suspected getaway driver.