No one likes to pay tolls, especially when you realize they can easily become slush funds paying for crap like this. Nevertheless, the law is the law, and you can't just drive through tollbooths and not pay. Or at least you can't do it forever, as today's arrest of a driver who allegedly owed just over $20,000 in tolls shows.

The Port Authority Police announced in a press release that they caught alleged massive toll scofflaw James Clicerio, a 59-year-old from Old Bridge, New Jersey, after he failed to pay the toll on the Outerbridge Crossing at about 7 a.m. today. After he was pulled over for the non-payment, a Port Authority police officer discovered that Clicerio allegedly had five different EZPass accounts with 323 violations on them, for a total of $20,869 in unpaid tolls and fees.

Clicerio's car was impounded, and he was arrested and charged with larceny and obstructing governmental administration. Earlier this year, a New Jersey trucker was arrested after not paying the toll at the Goethals Bridge, and subsequently found to owe the Port Authority $13,600 in fees and unpaid tolls.

Neither of these two toll dodgers came close to Jerome Daly though, another local toll scofflaw busted earlier this year, who owed $79,423 in unpaid tolls and penalties all on his own.