The discovery of a 55-gallon drum filled with concrete—and human remains—have now resulted in the arrest of Jersey CIty resident Steven Acuna for the murder of his wife Amanda "Randy" Lehrer, who has been missing since mid-August. According to the Star-Ledger, Acuna is being held on $1 million bail.

Friends and relatives were especially concerned with Lehrer's disappearance, because she had a 10-month-old baby. Back in August, authorities criticized Acuna for not cooperating (apparently he insisted on having a lawyer first). Jersey City Police Chief Tom Comey said of Lehrer's husband, “We have been delayed, because of a lack of cooperation on his part, has forced us to seek court orders, subpoenas and warrants to do our job." Comey added, "Apparently, this is very uncharacteristic of her. In three years, this is the only time she's missed work, other than when she had her baby. It's out of her nature, according to all the people we've interviewed, for her to leave her child behind."

Police discovered human remains in the concrete-filled drum in the basement of the couple's former residence on Friday and confirmed that the remains had a tattoo with the same saying as one of Lehrer's. Still, Lehrer's boss was upset, "The police should have found it right away. It’s a two-family house and they should have searched from the top to the bottom.”

Hudson County Prosecutor Edward DeFazio says the cause of death is still unknown but it's believed Lehrer was killed "in the context of a domestic violence situation."