2007_04_cannabis.jpgThe law can be very cruel, even to cancer-stricken 71-year-olds. The Daily News has a feature on Barbara Jackson, who was arrested last month after she bought some bags of pot in her Bronx neighborhood. Jackson was diagnosed with colorectal cancer eight years ago, and tells the News she's been smoking for the past seven to restore her appetite.

"The marijuana calmed me down and gave me back my appetite. My taste buds are gone, but the marijuana helps me get the food down."

Jackson said she puffed marijuana twice a day in the privacy of her home. Jackson, who now weighs 124 pounds, credits the marijuana with saving her life.

"The marijuana has kept me alive; I wouldn't be here if I didn't smoke," Jackson said. "I know it's illegal, but I did what I had to do to make myself comfortable and restore my quality of life."

Jackson was handcuffed and fingerprinted after being arrested by plainclothes cops, but now she has lawyers like Ron Kuby and David Pressman rallying for her. Kuby says, "I am looking for a dismissal in the interest of justice. I would hope the Bronx district attorney's office has more important cases than prosecuting a great-granny for medicinal marijuana." Yeah, we imagine the Bronx DA's office is seriously weighing options, now that there's media attention.

Jackson and her legal team will be in court today. Back in 2004, Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau teamed up with Montel Williams to encourage the legalization medical marijuana. Williams has been working with the Marijuana Policy Project to advance medical marijuana bills. Also, check out NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

Update: The Bronx DA's office didn't prosecute, claiming that there weren't documents to support the case. Or something like that. We imagine it was a little "Oh, man, we're going to look horrible trying to bust a septuagenarian cancer survivor" as well.