An 8-year-old was arrested yesterday after he tried to show a classmate a loaded gun he carried into a Long Island school. A third-grade teacher overheard the student bragging about the weapon and confiscated a semiautomatic handgun from the adolescent's desk, according to cops.

The boy arrived to class late at around 10 am with the gun in his backpack. After taking his seat, he moved the weapon from his bag to his desk and tried to get a classmate's attention "to show him the gun," Det. Lt. Matt Sullivan told Newsday. As the other student stood up to go to the bathroom, "the teacher saw the first boy gesturing to him and overheard some of their conversation." The teacher approached the boy, spotted the weapon, and took it.

It's unclear exactly how the child obtained the firearm, and it's going to be difficult to track the ownership of the .25-caliber Remington handgun through its serial number because the gun is so old. Investigators haven't yet determined if the gun — which had five bullets in its magazine, according to the Daily News — is even operable. If it found to be operable, the North Elementary School student's juvenile weapon possession charges might be upped to felony charges. A Brentwood School District spokesman said investigators believe the boy brought the gun from home, and they don't think he made any threats with the weapon. So far, no disciplinary decisions have been made, pending the conclusion of the police investigation.