Remember back when the MTA floated the idea of banning all photography on Subways and Busses? And then when the overwhelming opposition to that idea forced the MTA to drop it? (See above photo)

You do remember that? Funny, so do we. It was awhile ago too! So you were probably as surprised as we to learn that some Police officers are still enforcing the non-existant MTA ban on photography.

"We're very concerned that police officers, without any legal authority, are telling people they cannot videotape, they cannot photograph,” Christopher Dunn of the NYCLU told NY1. “And people, because they respect the police, or they fear the police, are complying with that, even though that's a completely unlawful order."

So, let's review: If you want to take a picture on MTA property, you can. There is no rule that say you can't. And if a cop stops you for doing so, you should remind them of this fact. If that doesn't help you can always contact the NYCLU.