2005_08_cope22.jpgGraffiti artist Cope2 allegedly called City Councilman Peter Vallone, to complain about Vallone's efforts to stop the graffiti block party for Marc Ecko's graffiti video game. However, Cope2's message had a healthy doses of expletives and somewhat - as well as an explanation that he and fellow graffiti artists are just trying to make a living - and the part where he said, "We don't live forever...I don't care, send the cops," is being construed as a threat, so now the NYPD is trying to confirm whether Cope2 actually made the call and want to question him. Please, for the police to get involved, it has to be at a Christopher X. Brodeur level of harrassment. Gothamist watched an exclusive segment on Channel 9's ten o'clock news of Vallone playing the voicemail, and it actually sounded like typical irate stuff from angry constituents, but the fact that a graffiti artist would leave a message seems like it was catnip for producers wanting to alarm middle-class viewers. And even though the TV news segment showed B-roll of Cope2's commissioned Time magazine billboard ad, Channel 9 neglected to explain that he's had legitimate, legal commissions. We hear that Cope2 is just trying to protect his livelihood as an artist, the argument being that Vallone is preventing him from working. Anyway, if Cope2 really wanted to bug Vallone, he'd orchestrate some serious bombing in Vallone's district.