A cop who sucker-punched an Occupy Wall Street protestor during the movement's heyday will be earning an annual, three-quarters tax-free disability pension of $120K. The protestor he punched, meanwhile, received a one-time settlement of $55K.

According to the Daily News, Deputy Inspector Johnny Cardona was awarded this chunk of money after the NYPD pension board decided he sustained significant enough injury during the October 2011 confrontation. Cardona was caught on camera punching protester Felix Rivera-Pitre in the face, an action Rivera-Pitre insisted was unprovoked, save for the fact that he "shot the cop a look."

Cardona, meanwhile, claimed Rivera-Pitre "tried to elbow him in the face," and that he suffered back, knee and hip injuries. Rivera-Pitre's lawyer, civil rights attorney Ron Kuby, called foul. "What’s his disability?” he asked the Daily News. “He hurt his fist when he punched Occupy Wall Street protesters? If he went out on a psychological disability that would have been appropriate."

Though Cardona was initially investigated for the incident, neither he nor Rivera-Pitre were ever charged. Rivera-Pitre received a $55,000 settlement from a lawsuit filed regarding the incident.