A Brooklyn police officer is suing the NYPD for denying him overtime while he was stuck on desk duty for shooting an unarmed man. True story! Officer Daniel Hernandez, who permanently paralyzed Ahmed Evans when he shot him in the back in 2008, now seems to think that he is entitled to $6 million from the NYPD.

Hernandez claims in his suit that because he has been kept off the street since his ill-advised discharge he's been "damaged in his employment, and has suffered economically, humiliated, emotional distress and conscious pain and suffering." City lawyers are reviewing the suit before commenting on it.

Meanwhile, Hernandez himself is being sued in Brooklyn Supreme Court by Ahmed Evans, who will spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. Back in 2008 Hernandez shot Evans in the back between the shoulder blades when the man (who was wanted for violating an ex-girlfriend's protection order) crawled out from beneath a parked van on Vernon Avenue in Bed-Stuy. Initially Hernandez said that Evans scared him when he reached for his waistband, but he later admitted he couldn't really see anything because of it being dark. He was hit with disciplinary charges by the department for shooting "without having probable cause to believe that he must protect himself or another person from imminent death or serious physical injury."

Sadly, Hernandez's case isn't even close to the only recent cop suing the NYPD story this year. Who can forget the coked-up cop who managed to sue the NYPD for his "disability" pension or the cop who is suing after he failed to meet his quotas, let alone the cop who settled with the NYPD after she was shot with her own gun inside a stationhouse?