In news that will surely cheer up the guild of reality TV celeb-dating, compensatory sports car-driving sons of privilege, the police officer threatening to sue the driver of a Ferrari who allegedly ran over his foot in SoHo this summer was arrested for drunk driving this weekend. Police found officer Felix Recio inside his crashed Honda in Forest Hills at around 4 a.m. on Saturday morning and allegedly refused a Breathalyzer. According to the Post, Recio told them, "I was driving after drinking a beer."

No one was harmed in the crash. Video of Julian Chabbott allegedly running over Recio's foot in his $257,000 car as the officer gives him a parking ticket in SoHo went viral, and Recio vowed to sue Chabbott, whose parents made their money in the "import-export business," for $10 million. Chabbott recently caught a break in court: felony assault charges were dropped against him because Recio's foot wasn't broken in the incident.

Recio's attorney doesn't see how the DUI arrest of his client affects the suit: “He was probably going under a lot of stress. We still live in America. You’re innocent until proven guilty.” Chabbott would likely agree.