It seems the Post has an exclusive scoop on an NYPD officer who's under investigation for allegedly taking photos and video while on the job—like, for instance, snapshots of an apparent suicide victim—and posting them on her Photobucket page. And for once we're glad to see the Post take the lead on this, because they get the jump on one of their classic "dad joke" headlines: ‘Suicide’ Cop’s in a Pixel. Which beats our rejected headline Snuff's Enough: Cop Kicks The Photobucket.

Sources tell the tabloid that Officer Maribel Soriano of the 23rd Precinct posted a photo of an apparent suicide victim on Photobucket, as well as videos of suspects handcuffed to chairs. And one of the handcuffed suspects "could be seen struggling to put on her boots." We're not sure if that means the suspect was female and Soriano was sadistically videotaping her trying to get dressed, or if Soriano had ordered the handcuffed suspect to put her boots on. That sounds kinky, but then the Post would probably have gone with NYPD's Domme and Dumber or something.

The photos—which reportedly included shots of Soriano in uniform and of official-looking paperwork—were briefly posted on 4chan but then removed. We've found a Photobucket account registered with Soriano's name, but it's private. Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne has confirmed the investigation is underway, while another police source says "her career is over."

But Soriano firmly denies taking the photos and video, telling the Post, "I wouldn’t put work photos on the Internet. I think someone is hijacking my personal photos." Indeed, that would be career suicide.