Another final Friday of the month, another Critical Mass mashup with the law. Though he wasn't able to attend this one (and sadly, neither were we) Bikeblog has the story on how this month's Mass went down. In short: Same old, same old. Tickets left and right for "improper or lack of warning devices" and riding in the street.

I heard the ride was about 300 people. There were some mysterious vehicles looming around Union Square Park. One Time's up volunteer armed with a video camera went over to investigate a creepy looking mini van on the East Side of the park. As he got closer some dudes jumped out and grabbed him and took his camera. Why would guys in casual wear and jeans be so upset for being documented? They claimed they weren't cops...then more people began to gather around demanding the justification for the hold up...Then they said they were cops. WHAT??!??

Just as depressingly entertaining is the story of the cop who, when asked what his badge number was, responded "My badge number is 999 never you mind."

Were you there last night? Have a bad experience with the cops? We hear there were a lot of video-cameras at this ride, if you have videos please link to them in the comments!

And in case you were wondering how Critical Mass can exist peacefully, do a flickr search for Critical Mass. Notice how from Portugal to Chicago, really everywhere besides NYC, CM seems to be a happy and calm thing. Bloomie really, truly, has got to get a grip on this thing. There are better ways.

Ticketing Officer from aboutmattlaw's flickr stream.