The Bearcat; Photo: Nance/Daily News

In a possible new twist regarding Monday night's explosion in Times Square, it looks like police are looking at the possibility that the off-duty police officer who found the package which exploded and injured him may have planted the pipe bomb in the first place. The possible motive? Officer Joseph Rodriguez had been "awarded a pension last week, over his objection, because of a mental illness stemming from the World Trade Center attacks," NY1 reported; apparently Rodriguez was going to receive his official police retirement date yesterday. Police Commissioner Kelly told reporters, "The whole situation [involving Officer Rodriguez] is being examined at this time," and also added that the pipe ("filled with ball bearings and explosive material") could be considered a bomb, though he didn't know "the amount black powder it had in it and how much force it had."

How Stuff works on war technology, including bombs.

And if this bomb business keeps up, will the NYPD break out the Bearcat? Pictured above, the Bearcat is like a tank for a police department. The Daily News has the scoop on the features:

Though the manufacturers said the latest security features are classified, they did tell the Daily News what owners can expect for the almost $200,000 price tag. Half-inch-thick armored plating protects the exterior of the vehicle, while police can look out the 2-1/2-inch-thick bulletproof glass windows.

The armor makes the truck bulletproof and blastproof on all sides and the bottom. The Run-Flat tires remain inflated even if they have been punctured.

The truck seats 10 people, and benches in the rear can be folded up to fit a stretcher or more passengers in the back.

Police can access eight side gun ports, which have room for a gun or give police an opening for firing tear gas. The hatch on top of the truck gives police another vantage point for surveying crowds.

The Daily News says it might be used during the Republican Convention to control crowds. But wouldn't it be more amusing if Democrats hijacked the vehicle and unleashed it in The Garden? And how intimidating would it be to get pulled over by this monstrosity?