An NYPD officer lost his gun and badge yesterday after video surfaced showing him pulling that gun on bystanders in Harlem, and later punching a 19-year-old who filmed him with his cellphone camera.

The officer, who has not yet been identified, was apparently chasing an illegal dirt biker into a housing project with other officers in Harlem on Thursday evening, and while he was making an arrest he pulled his gun. "I thought he was going to shoot," said Ronnie Pinkerton Jr., who witnessed the incident, told NBC News. "First thing I thought, he was going to shoot."

Later in the video, the officer approaches 19-year-old Jahnico Harvey, who is filming him, and punches him; Harvey was arrested and charged with menacing and disorderly conduct. You can see the pair of incidents in the video below:

"For him to just get punched in the mouth, corralled and apprehended like he's a piece of cattle of some sort, in a rodeo, just makes absolutely no sense," state assemblyman Keith Wright told NBC News.

The dirt biker, Dayshawn Bettway, 21, was arrested and charged with assault, reckless endangerment, obstruction of government administration and resisting arrest. Calvin West, who filmed the initial arrest, told NY1 that cops were attacking Bettway. "Put his hands up, 'I don't want no problems.' Cop punched in his face about three or four times, slammed him on his head," West said. "That's when I got the camera out."

West also said the cop told him, "Get out of here. I’m not playing with you all. I’ll shoot.”

The officer has been placed on modified duty while the Internal Affairs Bureau investigates the incident.