2005_06_dunkinstabbing.jpgYesterday morning, an off-duty police officer thwarted a robbery at a Brooklyn Dunkin Donuts, but ended up getting stabbed by the fleeing suspect. Three surveillance cameras captured the attempted robbery (see a slideshow from WNBC): First, Shron Killings asked for a cruller and put a dollar on the counter; then when the clerk turned away, Killings took a knife out, hiding it under the counter. When the clerk opened the register for the purchase, Killings got onto the counter, threatening the clerk with his knife. That's when Officer Vincent A. Schiavarelli, who had been waiting to order coffee, tackled Killings. Killings stabbed him and ran away without his cruller or change. Killings is also suspected in robberies at the same store as well as another Dunkin Donuts.

The Daily News says some detectives think Killings was robbing the store to pay for gas money, so he could drive to a court hearing about a 2004 arrest (he was a no-show). A detective said, "He's not the brightest bulb in the box." Gothamist agrees; robbing a donut shop doesn't seem like the greatest idea, since it seems that there's a high number of NYPD customers.