2006_07_gunstory.jpgAn off duty police officer stopped a man from carjacking him by shooting him in the face. Officer Kenneth O'Connor had been sitting in his Ford Explorer SUV when Daniel Arroyo apparently threatened him with a gun early Sunday. O'Connor used his off-duty - and licensed - revolver and shot him in the head, but didn't realize that Arroyo had been wounded until he saw blood on the ground. The cop called the police and Arroyo was found trying to run away.

Arroyo is recovering at Jacobi hospital. His aunt told the NY Times Arroyo could not have attempted the carjacking, adding, "His cellphone was all full of blood because he was trying to call." The Times does note that Arroyo's gun was found near O'Connor's car, "cocked and loaded"; he was charged with attempted robbery and assault, plus weapons possession.

And the Times' Ethicist Randy Cohen tackled the subject of whether or not a man who ran away from carjackers - but left his girlfriend there - was ethical.