Someone at the 32nd Police Precinct in Harlem defaced a Post-It note with a racist lettering, but the NYPD didn't do much about it, one black officer says. Last month Officer Carla Thomas found that someone wrote "KKK" on a Post-It note she kept on a straw mat in her office; she had previously written on the note that the mat was "symbolic of African tradition and history." She filed a complaint with the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity, but claims the office only investigated after others complained about the incident. Since then, the investigation was closed without finding out who was responsible.

Supporters of Thomas held a press conference yesterday to publicize the incidents, but Thomas herself did not appear because she fears retaliation from the NYPD if she speaks out publicly. "That does not instill confidence in the system," said Marquez Claxton of the Black Law Enforcement Alliance. "So if the NYPD's EEO office is unprepared to address these cases, then there needs to be outside, independent review of these incidents." And Anthony Miranda of the Latino Officers Association told reporters, "It's an indication to other officers that this conduct is acceptable and that the system is supporting it."

NYPD spokesman Paul Browne tells NY1 that the investigation was closed when Thomas "indicated that she did not want to pursue the investigation by not providing enough information." He also says, "No one was identified for having written 'KKK' and OEEO directed the precinct commander to instruct members of the command that posting of the letters was offensive and in violation of the patrol guide."