A Queens cop has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the NYPD after a talent show wardrobe malfunction became a hit video around the station house. According to court papers obtained by the Daily News, the whoops occurred as officer Veronica Schultz was performing Ciara's R&B hit "Promise" with other female cops who called themselves "The Rockaways" in an NYPD talent show in May 2007. During the routine, her pants slipped down exposing her thong, and, much to her dismay, the incident was caught on tape.

When Schultz showed up for work at the 103rd Precinct a few days later, she says she found her boss, Sgt. James Briones, showing the video to 10 fellow cops. Schultz claims that this was just one incident in series of abuses perpetrated by Briones, who allegedly asked her, "Why are you so upset? You have a nice ass. Put me in the show. I want to be in your show so I can rub up on you. You look hot and sexy." Schultz says Briones later held up a magazine with a photo of a woman in a thong, and asked her, "Does that look familiar?"

Schultz, a single mother with a 13-year-old son, says Briones asked her out repeatedly but wouldn't take no for answer. She complained to her commanding officer and reported the incident to the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity, but the office found no evidence to support her claims. Last week she filed a sexual harassment lawsuit in Brooklyn Federal Court.