An orange cat who seemed determined to ruin everyone's Christmas by becoming road kill on the Grand Central Parkway was spared death by a highway cop last week.

According to the NYPD's Facebook page, the cat, whose identity remains unknown, accidentally wandered onto the highway in Queens on Friday. The highway cop spotted him as he darted underneath a stopped silver SUV—the cop asked the driver to move forward, then he scooped the scared cat up and carried him to safety on the grass. "Cat and cop are now new friends and doing well,” the NYPD says.

You can see video below:

NYPD Highway Officer Saves Cat

A Worthwhile Traffic Jam An NYPD Highway Unit officer stopped traffic last Friday to help save a cat that accidentally wandered on to the Grand Central Parkway in rush hour traffic -- #ItsWhatWeDo. Cat and cop are now new friends and doing well!

Posted by NYPD on Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Earlier this month, a cop saved a rooster crossing a road in Brooklyn. It's been a good December for cop-animal relations.