Yesterday, police released photographs of the man suspected of a fatal stabbing on the steps of the James Farley Post Office on Sunday. The broad daylight incident in a busy stretch of 8th Avenue—across from Madison Square Garden and Penn Station—was witnessed by a number of people, including a German tourist who took the photographs. And now it seems another police officer recognizes the suspect.

WABC 7 reports, "Eyewitness News is told an NYPD officer unrelated to the case happened to see the photos and identified the suspect. The officer had 'previous contact' with the suspect, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said this morning. Detectives are now searching for the man and anticipate making an arrest soon." The violent incident apparently started when Christopher Gutierrez, 20, and the man bumped into each other and argued. According to the Post, "the perp flew into a rage, law-enforcement sources said. Realizing he dropped his phone during his attack, the killer then went back for it before strolling off again, blending into the crowd." The attack was caught by an NYPD surveillance camera as well.

Gutierrez, who grew up in the Bronx, had recently found work at a grocery store stock boy. His grieving mother Edith Gutierrez wondered to the NY Times, "How can you go and kill somebody because they push you? You have no heart. You are a monster." His brother told WCBS 2, "I'm really hurt that he had to go and everything. He has to learn to keep his mouth shut like me. I avoid a lot of problems like that."

Update: Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said the suspect is Sirmone McCaulla, 28. The Post reports, "McCaulla is a 28-year-old veteran from Brooklyn who served in Kuwait - which would explain his carrying a US Army issue camouflage backpack, Kelly said."