An NYPD officer is accused of breaking into a woman's home and assaulting her, just hours after being honored with a Police Combat Cross—the department's second highest honor.

According to the Daily News, Eugene Donnelly was crashing with a friend in Woodlawn after the night's festivities on June 10, but things went awry when he wandered from the apartment wearing only his underwear, as they do. Apparently mistaking the victim's nearby apartment for his friend's, Donnelly broke down the door, awaking its 30-year-old female inhabitant.

Donnelly, who was honored for arresting a man who shot at him in 2012, wasted no time before allegedly beating the woman, hitting her more than 20 times as she attempted to escape. After he was done, a parched Donnelly quaffed some milk from a container in the refrigerator before finally deciding it was time to leave.

A surveillance camera captured footage of Donnelly, and police placed his image on a wanted poster, hanging it in various locations around the Bronx before eventually realizing the perp was, in fact, their colleague.

He was promptly suspended from the NYPD without pay, and has been charged with misdemeanor assault and burglary. His lawyer said in June, "The case is in the beginning of the investigation. When a thorough investigation has been completed, it will be obvious that my client engaged in no criminal wrongdoing."