2005_06_copshot.jpgLast week's cop shooting in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn was upsetting, but people were relieved that Officer Patrick Caprice was saved by his bulletproof vest. Since the NYPD wants to know what happens around any cop shooting (the alleged shooter had shot himself later that night), they have been going through all of the evidence in the investigation. And a surveillance camera showed that Caprice's partner actually ran away from the scene when shots were fired. While Officer Gilberto Marerro did call for help, police are aghast that he didn't help Caprice more. Mareroo, who had been sick after the shooting, was stripped of his gun and told not to return to work while the NYPD investigates; Caprice did not have any comment for reporters, though his father was dismayed and angry, telling the Daily News, "He should get another job." One official called the tape "damning", saying, "This guy's partner is getting drilled full of bullets and he's seen running the other direction. He doesn't fire a shot. He leaves his partner bloody in the street. It's not what a cop is supposed to do."

New York City's crime dropped 4% in 2004 versus 2003.