2006_01_copshotvideo.jpgMore news about the wild shooting of the off-duty police officer Eric Hernandez by another cop at a Bronx White Castle during massive confusion (there was a gang present): First of all, it looks like Hernandez was drunk, as his blood alcohol was twice the legal limit when he was admitted to the hospital for the multiple gunshots. And police officers are not supposed to draw their guns when they are drunk; at the time Hernandez drew his gun, he had been beaten. Second, surveillance tapes show him getting brutally beating by the gang - which may have affected his ability to hear the other officer's warning shouts to drop his gun. Police only realized Hernandez was a cop when they found his badge in his pocket - after police officer Alfredo Toro, who responded to the scene earlier, had shot Hernandez. The tapes also show how an argument between a group of people and the White Castle manangement turned into a fight between the gang and Hernandez; plus how Hernandez crawled outside and how the group stole his burgers and hat.

While Hernandez's family is blaming Toro for reacting too quickly, other officers seem to think that Toro did the best he could under the circumstances. The NYPD is conducting an investigation.

Image from CBS 2 News