Totally odd timing for two strange crimes: Two retired police officers, one Port Authority and one NYPD, were shot by two people who work for or have worked for the NYPD.

- Steven Vitale, a retired Port Authority officer, was shot to death as he and his wife were headed to a Chinese restaurant in Staten Island. Reports say that a car had been following Vitale, then an Asian got out and shot him many times. The suspect, who reportedly retired from the NYPD, was surrounded by police negotiators last night, saying he didn't do anything wrong. It's unclear whether the men had a connection.

- Retired NYPD officer Todd Jamison was shot by his wife (or ex-wife), who is an active police officer, in Brooklyn. Reports say that Alison Jamison was estranged from her husband and was upset over his cheating; she was apprehended in a rental car at Newark Airport. Jamison is recovering at a hospital.